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Head&Neck MRI Coil

Fifth generation craniocervical integrated vascular wall plaque coil

Exclusive advantage

  • Advantage 1: Able to achieve ultra-high resolution (0.5mm) 3D vascular wall images;
  • Advantage 2: Supports head scanning mode and craniocervical wall scanning mode, with intelligent switching of head channel and neck channel outputs, each providing the best image performance;
  • Advantage 3: Patented design for fixed airbags, securing the patient’s head and improving comfort;
  • Advantage 4: The 3D black blood sequence imaging time is about 5 minutes, with ultra-high imaging quality;
  • Advantage 5: 32/40 channel design, supporting direct insertion of sockets at the bottom of Siemens systems, freeing up left and right socket resources; The GPS system supports the use mode of the lower part of the coil, and non head scanning does not require moving the coil;
  • Advantage 6: It can achieve high-resolution imaging of small blood vessels such as intracranial perforating vessels, which is very helpful in diagnosing Moyamoya disease, intracranial venous sinus thrombosis, vasculitis, vascular dissection and other cerebrovascular diseases.

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