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MRI Mice Coil

RF coil | plug and play | parallel imaging | patented design | 1.5T/3.0T/7T

  • Magnetic resonance imaging using mice as experimental subjects.
  • Supported channels: 4 channels, 8 channels, 12 channels, 16 channels.
  • Small, medium, and large inner diameters are suitable for animal applications with different weights (10g-1000g).
  • It can provide uniform sub millimeter level high-resolution anatomical images under small FOVs.

Small Animal Anesthesia System – A Complete Anesthesia Solution for Animal Experiments
Inhalation gas (isoflurane) anesthesia has low mortality rate and controllable anesthesia depth
Efficient anesthesia gas recovery system for maximum protection of experimental personnel
Unique anesthesia mask, convenient for animal fixation and efficient use of isoflurane
Multi channel anesthesia flow agent can meet the simultaneous anesthesia of up to 5 animals.
Solved the problems of short traditional anesthesia time, high mortality rate, and poor repeatability

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